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If you have a clogged kitchen drain due to grease or food, we can get things flowing again. What’s clogging up your bathroom sink? Toothpaste? Is your bathroom drain clogged with hair? Don’t hesitate to contact Greenwell Plumbing, Heating, Air. With our services, you’ll have your sinks, toilets, and drains working like new in no time.

Whether it’s excess toilet paper or toys from your kids, toilets can get clogged up with anything. No matter what type of clog you have, Greenwell Plumbing, Heating, Air can handle it.

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How Do You Know If Your Drain Needs Professional Cleaning?

For some simple clogs, you may be able to clear the obstruction on your own using a plunger, plumber’s snake, or a consumer product like Drano or Liquid Plumber. For tougher clogs, you may need to call in professional help from Greenwell Plumbing New Albany, IN plumbers.

Kitchen Drains

Usually a clogged kitchen sink is caused by a gradual buildup that takes the homeowner by surprise. Eventually, grease, food particles, dish soap, and detergent may build up around the inner walls of your drain pipes, causing your kitchen sink to drain slowly.

In order to clear your drain pipes, our plumbing technicians use professional equipment that won’t damage your sink. In addition, our team can replace your faucets if necessary.

Bathroom Shower, Sink, Shower, or Tub Drains

All of these substances can eventually clog your bathroom sink, shower, or tub drains, including shampoo, conditioner, soap residue, dirt, toothpaste, and hair. Clogged drains or standing water in the shower indicate a clogged tub or shower drain. Another possibility is that the issue could be something more serious, such as a broken pipe.

Whatever the reason, give Greenwell Plumbing a call today. We’ll inspect and clean your drains so they flow like new again.

Clogged Toilets

You’ll need to call a licensed plumber to get your clogged toilet flowing freely again if a plunger or snake doesn’t remove the obstruction. Don’t replace your toilet without speaking with our professional drain cleaners first.

The equipment and expertise at Greenwell Plumbing can fix any problem, no matter what its source is.

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