Grease Interceptor Installation

Avoid A Slippery Situation Down The Road.
Choose To Install Or Repair Your Grease Traps and Interceptors in the Louisville and Southern Indiana areas.
Restaurants, caterers, and other food service facilities in are required to have adequate grease traps and other solid waste interceptors installed to avoid substances that can cause problems with city sewer lines and treatment plants from passing through into the municipal sewer system.

It’s important for the environment, as well as the health and safety of the community where your business is located.
In fact, any commercial business that regularly disposes of materials that could be harmful if sent down the sewer drain might require some form of interceptor system. If you are in the food service business, own a gas station with a car wash, or run a commercial laundry service or laundromat, you need a quality plumbing contractor to install the right grease trap or solid-waste interceptor system to remain within local codes. It’s important to choose an experienced licensed commercial plumber who is familiar with the local code requirements for capacity to keep your business in compliance.


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