Gas Lines Repair/Replacement

Gas Lines: Fueling Your Development

Need a reliable contractor to install gas service lines on your commercial building or renovation project? Greenwell’s team of licensed, experienced plumbers can handle the job right for residents in the Louisville and Southern Indiana areas.

Greenwell offers new gas line installation for commercial building projects. We also offer hook-up service for any gas appliances in your facility. We offer strong warranties for our work, so you can be sure it will be done properly.

The gas lines that run from the gas meter into your commercial or industrial building are your responsibility. If there are any problems with those gas lines, the owner or developer is fully liable for all repairs and maintenance.

What to do if you Have a Gas Line Problem

Many factors can result in gas leaks or other problems with your gas lines, including poor installation, age, and pressure, or inadequately durable pipe. If you are a facilities manager, maintenance manager or building superintendent, always call your local gas company or a professional, licensed plumber if you suspect a gas leak.

Natural gas is odorless. Your local gas company adds a strong-smelling, sulfuric odor to natural gas to help residents identify gas leaks when they occur. If you notice this odor, your safety and the safety of your tenants and customers is the paramount concern. Evacuate the building immediately and notify the gas company of a potential leak.

Once a potential gas leak has been confirmed and the gas service has been stopped, Greenwell will quickly locate and repair the problem safely. Call our expert technicians and we will be on the scene to deal with the problem in no time.

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