Why should you buy a Hybrid Water Heater?

Why should you buy a Hybrid? Over the years there has been misconceptions on the value of a Hybrid. What the plumbing communities has found is that both the plumber and the homeowner have been not totally Bradford White Hybrid water heater.educated on the product. With plumbing supply reps now out in the field sharing and educating. It has now been easier explaining the value of a Hybrid water heater. With the knowledge and the ability to do a side by side comparison we have been able to narrow down what matters.

On an estimated annual operating cost you can save up to $300.00 dollars a year combined with the rebate from a co-op you can potentially recover the cost of the heater in four years. That in comparison to a conventional water heater you never truly recover the cost.

A Hybrid water heater only pulls enough energy while in Heat pump mode to power five 100 watt light bulbs. That’s an astonishing 512 watts in Heat pump mode. An amazing savings. The nice feature with a Hybrid is that when in Hybrid the heater recognizes a demand. So if the temperature reaches the threshold the Hybrid is smart enough to go into high demand to satisfy the tank.

The Hybrid water heater is an Energy Star certified fixture. Which make it eligible for most local utility rebate programs.

Another savings is you can tie the heater into a smart device and set the heater up for your life style. By creating a programed system you can limit the electrical use in a day. Studies have been done to show an estimated saving of 70% in the first year.

If your water heater is over 10 years old, it may be showing signs of breaking down. Now is a great time to call the Simply Dependable plumbers to inquire about a Bradford White Hybrid water heater. Call Greenwell Plumbing!