Toilet Talk: When To Call Your Plumber


sewageCalling your local plumbing services for maintenance can be one of those to-do list tasks that keeps getting put off. It can often feel like a hassle, and if nothing is obviously broken or wrong, your regular plumbing maintenance can be easy to ignore. However, if you notice any of these signs, you’ll want to hurry up and call your local plumbers.

Fixtures Backing Up

Backed up sinks or toilets can be a huge problem for your home plumbing. Sewage backing up in your fixtures can even potentially cause health hazards if left untreated, so if you notice that your sewage is backed up in any part of your house, call your local plumbers immediately.

Water Temperature Changes

Is your shower just not quite as hot as you remember it being? It could be that there’s a problem with your water heater. Showering and bathing take up most of the indoor water use in your home, meaning that a broken water heater can be especially annoying. Check the temperature of water in fixtures throughout your home, and if you notice something is off, you’ll want to schedule water heater repair.

Leaking Fixtures

While that leaky faucet might seem easy to ignore or overlook, it could be wasting a significant amount of water in your home, eventually costing you a fair amount of money. In fact, household leaks can waste nearly 900 billion gallons annually in the United States alone. It’s best to contact a plumber when you first notice a leaky faucet, rather than waiting; this ensures you aren’t wasting too much water.

Stick To A Calendar

When was the last time you called a plumber to check on your pipes? If you can’t remember, it might be a good idea to give a plumber a call, just in case. Sticking to a regular schedule for your plumbing maintenance can help you catch problems with your household plumbing before they would have otherwise shown up.

Are you overdue for a visit from your local plumbers? Have you had any of these signs of a plumbing issue in your home? Contact Greenwell Plumbing for more information on routine plumbing maintenance or to schedule plumbing services for your home.