Reasons You May Need a Water Leak Detector

water damage in wall

Who needs a water leak detector? Well, as it turns out, almost every home owner can benefit from one. This may seem like an unnecessary purchase, but spending a little bit of money now can save you five, ten, or twenty times that amount later down the road. You can’t predict a water leak in your future, but it doesn’t have to be hard (or expensive!) to prepare for it. Here are a few reasons you might need a water leak detector.

Pipes Leak

It’s a fact of life: Pipes, connections, and fixtures get old, and as they do, they can spring leaks, particularly in areas such as under sinks, where they connect to fixtures, and in bathrooms and basements. Clogged or blocked pipes, or those that lead to a sewer blockage farther down, water damage in wallare especially likely to leak, as that water backing up in your pipes has to go somewhere. Homes with higher water pressure or malfunctioning water pressure regulators are also more likely to suffer from leaking pipes. An undetected small leak that doesn’t get repaired can do a lot of damage and become a lot bigger down the road, so it’s important to catch these leaks as quickly as possible.

Water Heaters Can Fail Unexpectedly

One of the top reasons for water damage in the home is a failed water heater. When water heaters fail, the damage can be spectacular, opening up a leak and spilling their contents onto the floor. If your water heater is in an unfinished basement or crawl space, this may not be that big of a problem, but many people have their water heaters on the main floor or higher. Water runs downhill, which means everything underneath your water heater is bound to get wet if you don’t catch the problem quickly — and the quickest way is with a water leak detector.

Basements Leak, Too

When you think about it, it’s more amazing when basements don’t leak. There are so many ways that water can end up in your basement: pipes bursting, sewer lines backing up, windows leaking or cracks in the foundation letting in water during a rainstorm or flooding, water heater failures, or sump pump failures can all lead to water in your basement. Whatever the reason, having a water leak detector will notify you of the leak immediately, so that you can shut off the water, clean up the mess, and protect your home from damage.

Water Damage Can Be Hidden

What’s the big deal about a leaky water heater or pipe, you might wonder? Surely you’ll see the damage and be able to take care of it right away. Unfortunately, though, that is not always the case. Frequently the source of the water damage is a leaky pipe within the walls, or a roof dripping water into the attic where you don’t see it or hear it. Even somewhere you’d think would be more obvious, like in the basement or in the cabinet under the sink, might not be noticed right away. A water leak detector is the only sure way to catch a leak in one of these hidden places before it does a lot of damage.

How a Water Leak Detector Works

A water leak detector can be as simple as a sensor and a device that makes noise when water is detected, or as complex as multiple smart devices that network and an app that sends notifications directly to your phone in case you aren’t home. There is a range of leak detectors available on the market, and which is best for you may depend on your budget, your home, and your lifestyle. Not sure which works best for you? Call Greenwell today and one of our experienced technicians will be happy to help you make the best choice.