Protecting Mother Earth

protecting mother earth

protecting mother earthAs consumers, we are all concerned about products that are going to benefit our family, our health, our finances and our environment. When those products are both attractive and super functional, it is an added bonus, especially when we feel it is our responsibility to protect Mother Earth.

According to, inefficient clothes washers can cost three times as much to operate as an energy-efficient appliance. Choose a washer that allows you to select the water temperature and levels for different loads.

If you want or need to replace your bathroom faucet or showerhead, choosing a low-flow or water-saving fixture can be beneficial especially if leaks are detected.

Water-saving technology is even found in toilets with flushometers. These toilets have flush valves consisting of two methods of flushing. One method flushes liquids and uses 30% less water and the other is a full-flush method which flushes solids. There are also low-flow urinals that use only a pint of water instead of a gallon of water per flush, reducing 85% water usage that a business consumes over a period of time.

Not getting enough hot water when taking a shower in the morning? A tankless water heater is environmentally friendly because they are on average 22% more energy efficient than conventional water heaters. Conventional hot water heaters heat water constantly, while tankless water heaters heat the water only when it’s needed. Since heating water accounts for 30% of the average home’s energy budget, the higher efficiency of a tankless gas water heater can save you money on your utility bill.

Any home is in a constant state of updating, that is why they call it “home moanership”. When choosing a new fixture, choose your own style and flair, but also choose wisely with energy efficiency and the environment in mind. Green products are everywhere and although they may be a higher cost on the front end, do the math and figure out how they may save you money in the long run.