Plumbing Professionals and the Homeowner’s Expectations

While today’s access to YouTube and other sites may be helpful for DIY improvements, you still might need to call a professional. If you ask an associate at one of your local home improvement box stores his or her opinion, you’re likely to get a typical response: “Most plumbing needs can be fixed with aftermarket generic parts and quick fix products. You can do it yourself…”

What they don’t tell you is that the products you’re purchasing are not going to be the same quality that a professional uses – brass fittings are lighter, copper fittings have small amounts of zinc, and the products you’re purchasing won’t come with the same quality plumbing that wholesalers offer. When you call a professional plumber, you’re getting knowledge, quality workmanship, and services and equipment that are backed by an entire community of professionals.

However, there’s still the other side of the story: the expectations of the homeowner. We’ve all had some type of interaction with service technicians… some professional, and some not so much. Truly professional service companies pride themselves on their customer service. You’ll see this in the marketing, the vehicles, and the uniforms. All of this builds the expectations for your customer service experience. As professionals in the plumbing industry, the team at Greenwell Plumbing understands this. We take our time to listen to our customers instead of just reacting.

75% of our plumbing recommendations and conclusions come from listening to our clients as opposed to reacting. Not only does this give our clients the empowerment of being involved with the use of their time and financial resources from start to finish, but it creates a relationship based on communication, understanding, and transparency. At Greenwell, it’s more than just a transaction. We believe in creating relationships with our clients that will last a lifetime.