Protecting Mother Earth

protecting mother earth

As consumers, we are all concerned about products that are going to benefit our family, our health, our finances and our environment. When those products are both attractive and super functional, it is an added bonus, especially when we feel it is our responsibility to protect Mother Earth. According to, inefficient clothes washers can cost three times as much … Read More

7 steps to winterizing your home

mom & daughter winter

Autumn is here and with it comes the smell of fireplaces, pumpkins and haystacks on front porches and unpacking our fur-lined gloves and sweaters. But the onset of winter should also have us beginning the task of winterizing our home. By fixing minor issues, we can save on our utility bill and make our family more comfortable through the winter … Read More

We stay connected to customers

woman calling Greenwell from speed dial

Have you ever left your house and a few minutes later realized you forgot your cell phone? I bet you turned the car around and retrieved your phone. America has embraced the connectivity the cell phone has given us. We crave being three seconds away from our mom, dad, friend, best restaurant or scheduling a plumber for an emergency. Being … Read More

Plumbing decisions for you and your family

girl in bathtub with warm water

Decisions…we make them every second of every day. Sometimes the decisions we make aren’t life changing, however, some decisions we make can improve our lives, save us money, help the environment, or keep us safe. When it comes to plumbing, Greenwell can educate you on some of the choices you have to make, guiding you to the right decision for … Read More

How To Get Your Plumbing Ready For Winter

Plumber repairing drain pipe under a sink

Winter is here, and with winter comes a whole host of cold weather problems for your home. If you’re not careful, the freezing temperatures could damage your plumbing and cause you to need major repairs. Is your home ready for winter this year, or are you going to need expensive fixes at the end of the season? Follow these steps … Read More

Plumbing Professionals and the Homeowner’s Expectations

While today’s access to YouTube and other sites may be helpful for DIY improvements, you still might need to call a professional. If you ask an associate at one of your local home improvement box stores his or her opinion, you’re likely to get a typical response: “Most plumbing needs can be fixed with aftermarket generic parts and quick fix … Read More